It's better to give than to recieve

Redcircle works closely with several charitable organizations and individuals, all with unique focus and missions. We donate time, money and services, give food and clothes and provide expertise and guidance. This involvement has made our company stronger, more confident not only internally, but also to our clients, employees and partners alike.

Joining the fight against disease and hunger, protecting pets and wildlife, sponsoring women and children around the world, supporting victims of natural disasters and human rights issues and encouraging the development of sustainability and perservation of the environment are just some of the areas we are dedicated and passionate about.

It is everyone's responsibility to support each other and care for the planet we live on. Get involved and make a difference. Giving and volunteering will empower you, make you a better person and re-define your goals in life. Giving will make you rich in a way money can't...

How much money you can give, or how many hours you have available, is not important -  making a commitment is.